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125MM D x 24T x 45 Bore Giben Scoring Blade

125MM D x 24T x 45 Bore Giben Scoring Blade

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Introducing our exclusive, Made in Germany, 125mm saw blade, crafted to seamlessly fit the 355 model Giben panel saw. With a 20mm arbor hole and precisely aligned pinholes, this panel saw blade is tailor-made for your 355-model Giben panel saw.
  • 24 TEETH
  • 4.4-5.4 KERF

If you're in search of top-notch conical scoring saw blades to enhance the performance of your Giben panel saw, Navy Industrial has got you covered. Our range of panel saw sets is unparalleled in both quality and affordability, boasting first-rate industrial blades that fit your saw impeccably. Our blades are thoughtfully crafted with the appropriate pinhole configuration to guarantee precise and chip-free cuts on a variety of panel materials. Additionally, our innovative manufacturing process enables us to slice through even the most robust materials with ease. What's more, our extensive inventory and bulk purchasing ability allows us to offer competitive pricing that is unbeatable. For all your panel saw blade requirements, Navy Industrial is the name to trust.

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