Collection: Saw Blades for Cutting Melamine, Plywood, & Laminate

Shop for premium melamine/double-sided laminate cutting saw blades. Every blade is precision made, utilizing German CNC equipment and engineering standards. Our melamine cutting saw blades are no-gimmick industrial blades with a 35-degree alternating top bevel (Hi ATB). These saw blades will also perform excellently on plywood sheets leaving you with an exceptional finish.

Our Navy Industrial melamine cutting saw blades are specifically designed to deliver chip-free cuts in melamine and laminate on both sides. Our super-high ATB grind is perfect for delicate surface coatings on melamine and laminate. This saw blade is also excellent for crosscutting wood and sizing plywood when a perfect finish is needed. Every saw blade we sell for melamine is industrial quality and made with European raw materials.

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