Collection: Aluminum Cutting Saw Blades

Shop for aluminum cutting saw blades. Every blade is precision made, utilizing German CNC equipment and engineering standards. Our aluminum cutting saw blades are no-gimmick industrial saw blades with a triple-chip grind (TCG).

Our Navy Industrial aluminum cutting saw blades are designed to produce excellent cut quality when sizing non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, brass, and copper. These saw blades are also great for difficult materials such as plastic, fiberglass, and PVC. Every saw blade we sell for cutting aluminum is industrial quality and made with European raw materials. These blades can be sharpened many times. Depending on the specific blade and how you care for it, you could get up to 15 sharpenings out of one saw blade.

For extended blade life, performance and safety, it is best to clamp and lubricate your work when cutting non-ferrous metals to reduce vibration for smoother, more accurate cuts! Lubrication helps the blade run cooler and cleaner with less friction for longer life.

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