Collection: Radial Arm / Miter Chop Saw

Shop for the highest quality industrial general-purpose saw blades for chop saw and miter saws. Every blade is precision made with European raw materials, utilizing German CNC equipment and engineering standards. Our general-purpose chop saw blades are no-gimmick industrial saw blades with alternating top bevel (ATB) grinds.

ATB - This is the most common tooth geometry. It is best used when cross-cutting softwood. It can be used to rip along the grain, but not recommended. This is also the best choice when cutting materials like plywood, veneers, or lattice.

Why use a "chop saw or radial arm saw blade" on your miter saw? Doing so is a wise decision because of the negative hook angles used in manufacturing the saw blades to prevent the saw blade from grabbing the material you're cutting. These miter saw blades are ideal for framing and fast ripping in plywood, wood composites, and natural softwood and hardwood.

For cutting aluminum, use our Aluminum Cutting Saw Blades.

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