Collection: 10 Inch Combination Saw Blades

If you're on the hunt for premium combination saw blades, your search ends at! Our blades are engineered to perfection using German CNC equipment and industry standards. Boasting four alternating top bevel (ATB) teeth, a deep gullet, and a flat top ground (FTG) raker tooth, our combination saw blades are the epitome of industrial-grade saw blades. Our Navy Industrial blades are specifically designed to offer exceptional cut quality for both ripping and crosscutting, so no need to switch blades for different cuts.

Our carbide-tipped saw blades are unparalleled in quality and crafted with top-notch European raw materials. To maximize your investment, we recommend sharpening your saw blades regularly - especially if you acquired them from our website. Our blades are manufactured for industrial use and come with oversized carbide tips. Depending on the blade and how well it's maintained, you could enjoy up to 15 sharpenings from a single saw blade.

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