Collection: Flat Top Rip Saw Blades

Shop for top-quality flat-top (FTG) ripping saw blades made from the finest raw materials. Every blade is precision made, utilizing state-of-the-art German CNC equipment and engineering standards. Our FTG rip saw blades are no-gimmick industrial blades with a 20-degree hook angle for super fast ripping hardwood and softwood along the grain. These FTG blades are also very useful for producing clean, flat bottom grooves.

For extended blade life, performance and safety, ensure your table saw fence is square and your blade arbor is running true. To get the most out of your new industrial saw blade, make sure to have it sharpened regularly by a circular saw sharpening specialist. These blades can be sharpened many times. Depending on the specific blade and how you care for it, you could get up to 15 to 20 sharpenings from one saw blade.

If you need aΒ glue line finish, shop our Glue Line Rip saw blades.

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