Collection: Solid Surface Saw Blades

Shop for plastic laminate, vinyl, Plexiglas®, and solid surface cutting saw blades. Every blade is precision made, utilizing German CNC equipment and engineering standards. Our solid surface cutting saw blades are no-gimmick industrial saw blades with a modified triple-chip grind (M-TCG).

Navy Industrial presents a very versatile saw blade that does excellently in plastic laminate, vinyl, Plexiglas®, and solid surface materials such as Avonite®, Dupont®, Corian®, Wilsonart®, Gibraltor®, Fountainhead®. All our solid surface saw blades utilize a super hard sub-micron carbide for a better cut over a longer life. Every saw blade we sell for cutting solid surface materials is industrial quality and made with European raw materials.

The modified triple chip grind is especially configured to leave a swirl-free cut in solid surface materials. Thick, stable plate reduces vibration that degrades the cut and shortens tool life. These saw blades are suitable for a variety of saw configurations. The 0° hook angle virtually eliminates self-feeding when used with a radial arm saw.

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