Collection: Combination Saw Blades

Shop for the highest quality combination saw blades. Every blade is precision made, utilizing German CNC equipment and engineering standards. Our combination saw blades are no-gimmick industrial saw blades with four alternating top bevel (ATB) teeth followed by a deep gullet and a flat top ground (FTG) raker tooth. This teeth arrangement allows for crosscutting and ripping with one blade.

Our Navy Industrial combination saw blades are designed to produce acceptable cut quality when ripping and crosscutting without having to switch saw blades to perform each type of cut. Our carbide-tipped saw blades are of industrial quality and are made with European raw materials.

To prolong the overall life of your investment, be sure to have your saw blades sharpened regularly, especially the blades you purchase from our website. All our blades are high-quality and made for industrial use with extra large carbide tips. Depending on the specific blade and how you care for it, you could get up to 15 sharpenings out of one saw blade.

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